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For groups & workshops addressing fertility specifically, please visit Moonstone Fertility's website.

Moonstone Fertility offers a variety of mind-body fertility programs that provide a safe space and support system while giving you the tools to get you through your (in)fertility journey and achieve healing.

Our mind-body fertility workshops and groups are designed to help those:

  • Trying to conceive naturally, but having no luck

  • Undergoing treatments (e.g., IUI, IVF, or medicated cycles, etc)

  • Struggling to have their first child

  • Struggling to expand their family

  • Pursuing motherhood on their own

We are a female-owned and operated business operating on Treaty 6 land. We promote inclusive and equitable mind-body fertility and counselling practices. We are LGBTQ2SA+ friendly and welcome participants of all sexualities, genders, cultural and religious backgrounds.

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