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even if it doesn't feel like it right now

Pregnancy and neonatal losses are without a doubt profoundly devastating experiences. To lose a child is unlike any other feeling you could ever have or ever think of. It's unimaginable. The loss of a potential future, of someone you held in your heart, or even in your arms, can be traumatizing. Your pregnancy created a lot of joy, excitement, and hope. Your pain is real.

Surviving a loss is not easy. It challenges you psychologically, relationally, and spiritually. For a period of time, going about your routine seems daunting; getting dressed or even making a meal can feel like a struggle. You may have a hard time making it through a day without tears. You may feel stuck in your grief, feeling like it's taking over your life. You may feel unrecognizable

In our grief adverse society, it can feel like we are not given permission to express our feelings and to grieve properly. Messages like "get over it", "move on", or "you can get pregnant again" feel extremely dismissing. We are asked to "give it some time", believing that time will help us feel better. Yes, how you feel about the miscarriage and loss may heal with time. However, it's cliché to think that you heal from a loss because time simply passes. In actuality, you heal because of what you do with your time. In fact, early intervention can decrease emotional distress significantly in the first year after miscarriage and perinatal losses.

If you are still struggling, I can help you!

I can help you make sense of the multitude of emotions you are feeling such as confusion, anger, fear, guilt, or sadness. You are allowed to experience your own unique grief. In an accepting, safe and nonjudgmental way, I will allow you to talk about the life you wished you'd had with your baby. We will talk about your baby and the memories you have. We can also embrace the silence, honoring whatever comes up in these moments.


Healing, growth and change means encountering the pain.


We want to experience DARK before we encounter LIGHT

We want to say HELLO before we say GOODBYE

We want to go BACKWARD before we go FORWARD


Together, we will find a way to return you to your normal level of functioning, decreasing the distressing symptoms that makes it hard to go on. You will make sense of the loss with perspective and meaning.

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