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I'm a bilingual Registered Psychologist and Mind & Body Fertility Therapist.


My practice focuses on the treatment of mental health issues related to family building which includes fertility challenges, miscarriage + pregnancy loss, pregnancy, birth trauma + birth processing, postpartum distress, and the transition to parenthood.


I also focus my work on shame resiliency which is an integral aspect in all stages of family building.

I aim to provide:

  • A safe space for you to receive support, encouragement, and growth on your journey

  • Professional, ethical, knowledgeable care

  • Evidence-based information and resources

  • Tools for effective coping and healing

  • Hope

  • Empowerment

My wish is for you to leave sessions feeling

Connected, Seen, Heard and Whole

How I Work

Respect, warmth, non-judgment, and empathy are characteristics that serve as the foundation of my style. I believe that the relationship between us is at the heart of the healing process and where true change occurs.


I consider counselling to be a partnership; it’s a team effort. It's important that you take an active part in the sessions for the experience to be valuable. Both you and I contribute but in different ways. You are not expected to do the work all by yourself but also, I can’t do it for you either. Therapy should be a collaboration.


As a collaborator, there are times when I am more passive and non-directive, whereas other times I am more assertive. You are the expert on your life and I believe you have what it takes for change to occur. I will help you in taking the necessary steps to make the positive changes needed to enrich your life.


I utilize approaches that go beyond talk therapy which means I integrate traditional talk therapy with more experiential methods. Research shows that non-verbal emotional centres of the brain can not be accessed by talking alone. Therefore, I may bring in approaches such as EMDR, Sandtray, Mind-Body interventions as well as movement and role play. This will allow you to deepen your experience of healing and help you understand challenges visually and in a more concrete way. If you would like to know more about these modalities, please click here.

My Why

I became a psychologist because I have always been passionate about helping others achieve healthier and more meaningful lives. For as long as I can remember, I knew this was what I wanted to do. It is simply who I am and what feels right for me.


I have a passion in empowering individuals and living a wholehearted life (engaging in life from a place of worthiness). I can’t think of a better field to work in than psychology. It is very inspiring to witness people’s progress. It’s always new and it’s deeply rewarding. I feel honoured that my clients open up to me and put trust in me to help them with what they are going through in their lives.


A lot of what I help individuals with have been things that I struggled with over the years. I experienced my own infertility for two years before seeking medical intervention through IVF. My partner and I now have two boys, a spirited seven year-old and an affectionate six year-old. I also struggled with post-partum depression after my youngest was born. I definitely understand the value of counselling as both a client and as a psychologist. It was a tough journey but my healing has made me a better mother, wife and psychologist.


When I'm not working, I like indoor spinning, painting, listening to podcasts and spending time with people I love.

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