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Even in the best of situations, it's common for couples to face marital problems when trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and becoming parents. As a couple, you are preparing for a major life change. When you add infertility, losses, birth trauma and postpartum mood disorders into the mix, it can seriously strain a relationship. Spouses often cope with the situation differently and may have unmet needs. This leaves both persons feeling neglected, confused, unsupported, and powerless.

Relationship issues are complex and tender. Having a protected environment where you can voice your deepest concerns, needs, and hopes for the future can be extremely beneficial. The help of a neutral third party can allow for deeper conversation and give both persons the chance to engage with open hearts. You can learn to relate to each other in a more productive way and move forward to a happier and more connected place, solidifying your relationship even further.

Couples can benefit from couples counselling to:

  • Explore ways to effectively communicate

  • Discuss the relationship changes that occur when trying to conceive and when becoming a parent

  • Strengthen your understanding of each other

  • Rebuild emotional connection and safety

  • Express your personal experiences of the journey, without criticism or consequences

  • Increase sexual intimacy and affection

  • Find ways to nurture your relationship

  • Develop and learn conflict resolution techniques so you work better as a team

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