Valérie Grenier and Jessi Nesbitt offer:

Restoring Fertility. A 6 Week Mind-Body Group for Women

The fertility journey can be hard! Really hard! It has an emotional and psychological impact. It changes relationships, makes work more difficult, and makes planning for your own life almost impossible. This can translate to anxiety, depression, difficulty coping, and feeling like you are losing who you are.

Fertility can be supported when the mind and body move back in their natural state of balance. Emphasizing on the science between these two, this group will help you make changes that will optimize your fertility and reduce it’s negative impacts. While many of us struggle, it’s important to know that we can make a positive shift by changing our mental and emotional landscapes. Unfortunately, the role of the mind and the emotions in fertility is a vital one that is often overlooked.

There is no doubt, having difficulty conceiving can be overwhelming, and can makes us feel powerless. This is why we created this program. We believe there is a better way.


Women who are:

  • Feeling like having a baby has taken over their mind…and life
  • Wanting to take back control
  • Ready to receive support that leaves them feeling lifted
  • Interested in learning new tools to restore balance/well-being, and increase chance of conceiving
  • Feeling isolated with their best friend being Dr. Google
  • Trying to conceive on their own, working with holistic modalities (e.g., acupuncture, naturopathy, etc.) or undergoing treatments (e.g., IUI, IVF, or medicated cycles, etc)


The Feel Goods:

  • An understanding of the relationship between the mind and body, and how it can benefit conception
  • A confidence of knowing how to manage the ups and downs of (in)fertility
  • An attitude of empowerment that reduces the weight of jealousy and resentment
  • A mind state that optimizes your fertility, and enhance your well-being
  • A collection of techniques that are helpful in all stages of your fertility journey

For a detailed description of the group, check out below for Group Summary


We are two Registered Psychologists passionate about our work in the area of (in)fertility. Our own fertility journeys, and more specifically the pain of them, brought us here. For the past few years, we have both received training and education focused on fertility, reproductive psychology, as well as mindbody approaches. Specifically, we have received certification as fertile body therapists (, and received training from Amira Posner, a Toronto mind-body therapist and fertility expert (

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DATES: Every Tuesdays From February 25th to March 31st, 2020

TIME: 6pm to 8pm

COST: $425 for 12 hours of group therapy

Early Bird rate: $375 if paid on or before February 16th, 2020

The cost of this group can be reimbursed by your benefits. We encourage you to contact your provider to inquire.

* Refund policy: there is no refunds of the full fee of $375 or $425 (depending when you registered)


Ready to sign up? Please fill out the Intake Form and Pre-Screening Questionnaire.

To reserve your spot, please also send the full payment ($375 or $425) via E-Transfer to Once we received the form and payment, we will send an email to you with details to know for the first session.

Please note: Space is limited to 12 participants


If you are interested in this group, but are not quite sure if it’s the right fit for you, please email or call us. We will gladly answer any questions you may have, discuss about what your goals are, and help you determine if this group is for you.

Jessi Nesbitt: email:

Valérie Grenier: email:


Sharing about your journey in a group setting and surrounding yourself with others who are facing similar situations can bring healing. Talking about fertility issues isn’t always easy, so we have created a safe environment where you can feel welcomed and accepted. We will create a consent/confidentiality agreement within the group at the first session. Your privacy, and story will be respected. You will not be forced to talk or be “put on the spot”.

We welcome women of the LGBTQ community, those struggling with primary & secondary infertility, and those pursuing motherhood on their own.


Week #1: The Journey Begins

Introduction to the group. You will learn how to relieve negative emotions and restore balance through a powerful breathing exercise. You will be given a useful technique that will nourish your heart, mind and body.

Week #2: Mindful Fertility

You will learn about the benefits of mindfulness, and how to cultivate it using an experiential, sensory, exercise. You will also be guided through a visualisation that will improve patience, and forgiveness.

Week #3: Widening our Perspectives

You will discover how perspective can improve your ability to cope with strong emotions. We will work through a cognitive restructuring exercise that will help you overcome negative and reactive thinking.

Week #4: Mind and Body Connection

You will learn how to tap into the mind body connection and how the fight or flight response impacts your fertility. You will practice an exercise to induce a relaxation response used to promote wellbeing.

Week #5: Fertility Yoga

You will participate in a guided fertility yoga class during which you will learn to reconnect with your body again and further deepen the relaxation response.

Guests: Kim Deschamps, Physiotherapist, and Yoga Therapist and Dr.Madolyn Linka, Chiropractor, Acupuncture Provider, and Yoga Instructor

Week #6: Going Deeper

You will experience the power of self hypnosis, and how it can help you cope with your emotions with the roller coaster of fertility issues.