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My groups combine educational and experiential practices. Group counselling is an excellent way to address issues that are common between several people.



  • Connect with others who are going through the same process

  • Learn from others' experiences

  • Broaden your views on the relevant topic

  • Solve problems by getting different perspectives

  • Be validated and supported by people who understand your situation

  • Have a supportive network and gain a sense of community and togetherness

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A 6 Week Mind-Body Group for Women in Saskatchewan

The fertility journey can be hard! Really hard! It has an emotional and psychological impact. It changes relationships, makes work more difficult, and makes planning for your own life almost impossible. This can translate to anxiety, depression, difficulty coping, and feeling like you are losing who you are.


Fertility can be supported when the mind and body move back in their natural state of balance. Emphasizing on the science between these two, this group will help you make changes that will optimize your fertility and reduce it’s negative impacts. While many of us struggle, it’s important to know that we can make a positive shift by changing our mental and emotional landscapes. Unfortunately, the role of the mind and the emotions in fertility is a vital one that is often overlooked.


There is no doubt, having difficulty conceiving can be overwhelming, and can makes us feel powerless. This is why we created this program. We believe there is a better way.