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My Counselling Style

Trust, respect, warmth, and empathy are characteristics that serve as the foundation of my counselling style. I approach counselling from an integrative view (utilizing techniques from different therapeutic orientations to best suit clients needs).

I consider counselling to be a partnership. It’s a team effort. I find it important that clients take an active part in the sessions for the experience to be valuable. Both clients and I contribute, but in different ways. Clients are not expected to do the work all by themselves, but I can’t do it for them either. Therapy should feel like collaboration. 

As a collaborator, there are times when I am more passive and non directive in my approach, whereas other times I am more assertive. I believe that my clients are the experts of their lives and have what it takes for change to occur. I help them in taking the steps that are necessary to make positive change.

I primarily ground my work in the Humanistic-Experiential Approach, the Attachment Model and the Emotionally Focused Therapy. Click below for more information on these methods:

As well, I often incorporate elements and techniques from the following: 

What do all these models mean for you?

Counselling approaches are based on theoretical orientation, they are just concepts and theories. They provide counsellors and psychotherapists with a lens from which to view the client’s concerns. Because no one theory can provide all the answers to clients, professionals often discriminate among the many theories to find the one(s) that seem to fit for them and for their clients.